Syariden sprouted quietly in a small alley in Nakazaki-cho, a neighborhood known for its unique shops, at walking distance from the stations of Osaka and Umeda.



Three key ideas are its foundation:


1. Living creatures, dying creatures


Our eyes can't help but be charmed by the forms and systems created spontaneously by nature.

Here you will find not deformed cuteness, but real shapes of life and death.



2. “We sell curiosity”


Curiosity is our driving force. It makes bonds, and it expands our boundaries.

The curiosity of the artists meets that of the viewers around what is unknown to both, expanding each other's worlds.



3. In an unexpected alley


Located in a deep spot of Nakazaki-cho, a town full of interesting alleys. Because is it not the most natural place to find unexpected and rare items?




However, rather than fitting in a description, we try to keep a degree of freedom. Please think of syariden as more than a variety shop!


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